OGOOD, your best fastener partner

承毅興 形象廣告


Being one of the top suppliers of providing various fasteners for different field and applications, our goal is to continuously keep researching and developing new products, together with excellent warehouse supply chain management, we are the world-leading expert of the customized products in fastener industry.

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About us

The founder's love for owls, which symbolize "luck and wisdom" in the Western culture, inspired us. Taking the owl as our inspiration, we came up with the brand name "O-Good" (All is good). In addition to "All is good" being our core belief, we intend for our hearts, actions, behavior, products, and everything we offer to the world to be good.

"All is good to customers." We do what benefits our customers. It all starts from the heart, adhering to providing customers with excellent products and value.

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Our strengths

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