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1.Does your company have its own factory? What type of company is it?

Cheng Yi Xing Enterprise Ltd. was established in 2008, from the early days of our founding, we entered into a Joint Venture relationship with major manufacturing plants and in conjunction with Taiwan's finest manufacturing factories, we collaboratively fulfill every customer's customized screws and precision component requirements. 


With steady progress over the course of nearly 20 years, we have accumulated extensive experience. Through collaboration with Taiwan's top-tier local manufacturing facilities and stringent self-imposed standards, coupled with active strides into Industry 4.0, we have garnered a roster of well-known clients. 

The ongoing objective is to continue advancing and provide professional technical consulting and product manufacturing services to a broader clientele, both domestic and international.

2.What specialized products can your company manufacture?

Leveraging our extensive and solid expertise, Cheng Yi Xing Enterprise Ltd. is dedicated to providing a wide range of customized products, including bolts, precision screws, assembly screws, springs, nuts, washers, rivets, studs, caps, CNC precision machining, and hardware components.

With an in-house research and development team, we collaborate with clients to jointly explore

and develop innovative solutions, offering optimal suggestions on materials and processes to achieve the mission of manufacturing innovative products.

We believe that through Cheng Yi Xing Enterprise Ltd. ’s comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, we can collectively unlock boundless possibilities in the fastening and hardware industry. 

3.How do we initiate collaboration with your company? Is it possible to proceed with sampling if we only have the samples

Customization is a specialized service offered by Cheng Yi Xing Enterprise Ltd.

Please provide us with drawings or design plans, our research and development team

will offer a detailed quotation based on the product's intended use or context.

Many of our customers only have samples and no drawings to provide, but there's no need to worry. As long as you provide us with the actual samples, along with material and specific requirement details, we can still provide a professional quotation.

4.Apart from the commonly seen specifications, can you also handle rubber materials?

Many of Cheng Yi Xing 's end customers are original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive and motorcycle industry.

In addition to standard materials, head types, hole patterns, and dimensions, we strive to enhance our comprehensive service by offering assistance in contract manufacturing for rubber materials. 

This approach extends our clients' product competitiveness while also allowing them

to benefit from Cheng Yi Xing 's expertise in proactive safety inventory preparation system

and quality control. 


As a result, we establish a seamless connection with the dynamic and innovative industries we serve.


5.Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement? If my sample order quantity is very small, will you still accep

In the industry, it's common to have minimum order quantities in the thousands for screw orders. 

However, with the professional know-how and expertise of Cheng Yi Xing, even if you have

a sample order of just 100pcs, we can utilize process analysis to provide the most reasonable quote and the shortest lead time possible.

We value every new inquiry from customers and maintain an open space for discussing feasible approaches to achieve small-batch, diversified custom product manufacturing. 

Together with our customers, we engage in collaborative development to create products 
that are more efficient and beneficial.


6.What is the usual lead time? How does your service differentiate from other companies?

When we take on different types of orders (sample prototyping, small quantity sample orders, 
large-scale production orders), the lead time varies based on the nature of the order and 
the specific manufacturing processes involved. In most cases, with the availability of basic materials 
in our factory, the delivery is typically within 7 to 75 days.

Of course, in our commitment to achieving swift deliveries, we not only flexibly adjust 
our manufacturing processes but also provide the following services:


•    Acceptance of orders for small quantities and diverse product varieties, eliminating concerns about order quantity.

•    Proactive establishment of safety stock for "customized products" to ensure immediate availability. By maintaining safety stock, we are capable of offering immediate shipments and prompt sample provision, thus providing a differentiating service from existing competitors.

•    Available at all times, ready to schedule immediate shipments and fulfill the desired

shipping date per customer's request.


7.What is the service of proactive safety stock preparation?

Cheng Yi Xing Enterprise serves well-known clients in the automotive and motorcycle industry, solar panel manufacturing, IT data centers, and industrial equipment sector. We understand that clients often need to place orders based on market demands, and sometimes it's not feasible to place the entire year's quantity in a single order (orders need to be placed in batches).


However, with market demands constantly changing, having the shortest lead time enables us to help our clients respond to market fluctuations promptly and seize opportunities.

In such scenarios, we proactively produce an additional quantity during order fulfillment and

utilize our unique 'Flexible Warehouse Inventory System.'  As a result, we can ensure long-term supply of customized products, ensuring the sustainability of our clients' products. 

8.So, how do you achieve quality management?

In addition to complying with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard, Cheng Yi Hsing also adheres to the IECQ QC080000:2017 Hazardous Substance Process Management System certification, as well as the European Union's new RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU, announced on July 1, 2011.

Stringent quality control is a discipline we strictly uphold. From order receipt and production scheduling, to incoming material inspection, detailed control of each process, monitoring of critical safety components during processing, final product inspection, execution of shipping inspection based on customer standards and voluntary full inspection, issuance of formal shipment quality reports, custom packaging for storage (ERP system), establishment of production records, and shipment preparation, we systemize and implement these processes within the Quality Control Circle (QCC) framework.

We value every commitment made and the quality of each product, just as we value every responsibility entrusted to us by our customers. If there are any quality issues, we approach them with sincerity to communicate and resolve. 

9.Can you provide formal Quality Control (QC) reports when products are shipped to customers?

Certainly, there is no problem with that.

This is where Cheng Yi Hsing excels. Each customer has distinct inspection criteria for products, yet Cheng Yi Hsing is capable of meeting these standards and various international industrial standards by utilizing fully automated inspection equipment (optical measurement), torque/tensile testing equipment, salt spray testing equipment, film thickness testing equipment, two-dimensional projection equipment, Rockwell hardness tester, micro Vickers hardness tester, metal flow analysis, etc., to provide professional quality reports.

10.In response to carbon emissions issues (European Union Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism - CBAM and United States Clea

Yes, in order to respond and comply with international standards, Cheng Yi Hsing has already initiated the implementation of carbon auditing and is planning the route to produce carbon footprint reports. In the future, to achieve low carbon emissions goals, we will gradually introduce the following steps:

•    Setting carbon reduction targets
•    Investing in carbon reduction resources
•    Conducting regular greenhouse gas audits
•    Publishing sustainability reports on a regular basis

Our factories possess ample carbon reduction technologies, expertise, professionals, and a stable green energy source. 

We commit to leading the industry in completing carbon audits and obtaining third-party certifications.